5 Eye Make Up Tips You Secretly Need To Know NOW!

5 Eye Make Up Tips You Secretly Need To Know NOW!

Hello again Dissy Lovers!

This time i got a few cute tips about how to take your eyes to the next level, makes your eyes stand up, and widely open your soul (because wise man said that eyes is window to a soul). So here we go, 5 eye make up tips you definitely not know.


Curl Your Eyelashes To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

One way that really effectively makes your eyes look bigger is by curl your eyelashes by a lash curler. With this, your eyes will be more stand out and looks pretty.


Find The Perfect Eyeliner Shade For Your Eyes Colour

Black eyeliner is classic, but if you want your eyes really looks beautiful, try different colour that complement your eyes colour. My recommendation is try to combine hazel eyes with greenish eyeliner or combine blue eyes with brownish eyeliner.


Define Your Eyebrow

Filling your eyebrow is not a childplay. My recommendation is brush it upwards then carefully filling the gaps. After that is add the tail and brush it all up again. TA-DA, you define your eyebrow like a pro!


Featherly Strokes

When filling out your eyebrow, always use light feathery strokes to make them look more natural. The point is we want to make you eyes stands out but also look good, beautiful and natural.


Dot and Dashes The Eye Liner

It might sound embarrassing but there are few people who have difficulties to draw a straight line in paper with pencil. Let alone it our eyes using eye pencil. Afraid not, my recommendation is just draw a small dots or dashes with eye pencil on the lashline and join them. It will create a perfectly eyeliner with no hassle.

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Using Best Products

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