4 Facts You Probably Don't Know About Facial Toner

4 Facts You Probably Don't Know About Facial Toner

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This week we have a lot of news about this thing called Facial Toner. I have been too wondering what is facial toner, what is the benefits of facial toner, and what does facial toner do to our skin face? Here we are gonna find out!


It Shrinks Out The Pore

Gently rub your face with cotton that has been poured with small amount of toner will remove the oil and shrink out the pore. When it does, your skin face will be protected from bacteria that trying to enter the skin face.


It Adds Layer Of Protection On Skin

When we apply toner on our skin, basically we add layer of protection to protect our skin from impurities and environmental contaminants. It can even protect our skin from clorine in our tap water.


It Refreshes Skin

Toner can be used in line when you are washing your face. It will leave a breeze sensation that refreshes your skin when you are on the go.


Use Brand That Contain Extract Lemon

Lemon was known to be the best refresher. We love lemon tea because it has breeze sensation. We love lemon when we eat fish because it makes fish taste very wonderful. We love lemon because its adding a lot of benefit! When we applied Facial Toner that contain toner, we makes our face felt really refreshed and its good for your skin health. So choose brand that contain extract lemon in the facial toner. Our recommendation is Dissy Facial Toner.

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