STOP! Read This Before You Wash Your Face!

STOP! Read This Before You Wash Your Face!

Yes, stop it Dissy Lovers!

Dont do anything except reading this because you might endangered your wash. little did we know, there are CORRECT ways to wash your face. Using a wrong way might cause your face irritated, scared, or even not healthy. Here’s how you wash your face correctly :


Clean your hand FIRST!

Before you even clean your face, you have to clean your hand thoroughly. Make sure using an anti-bacteria soap and clean it until your hand no longer dirty. After that, rinse your hand with a clean cloth until its dry. Lastly, make sure again that your hand is properly clean so we can clean your face with it.


Wash it with warm water

Now begin to clean your face. First watering your face with warm water. Not so hot and not so cold. Make sure that its kinda hot but not hurting you in anyway. The purpose of this is to make your pores open up so we can thoroughly wash your face. After several times watering your wash with warm water, lets wash it with facial foam. We recommend our Dissy Facial Foam because it has deep moisturizer and witch hazel or cooling agent or pore tightening.


Clean with circular motion

Using your hand, slowly and gently clean your face with circular motion. You want to treat your face very gently so that you are not hurting your face. Dont brush your face like you brush your dirty laundry, instead rub it gently with circular motion is enough. Make sure that you rub every part of you face with gently circular motion until no longer spot that you have not been touch.


Rinse it with cold water

After all of your face are cleaned, rinse it with cold water so the pores of your face are closing up. Make sure that you rinse every spot so that no soap left on your face. Again, dont brush your face. Use gentle circular motion to reach out every spot that left in your face.


Dry it with soft towel

Here is another most important facts, please use your softest towel to dry your face. Gently pat your face with dry towel. We want to make sure that there are no excess water on your face, so your face will be not to dry or not to wet. Again, dont brush or even rub, but gently pat it with dry towel.

There you go! You just clean your face the correct way! Remember, treat you face very gently because its sensitive and its your most valuable asset. Beauty start with clean, so make sure you clean your face properly every now and then.


For best result, we recommend you to using Dissy Facial Foam because it has deep moisturizer and witch hazel or cooling agent or pore tightening. It will make sure your face are clean, protected, and healthy.

Thanks for reading, we see you again next time!

Dissy, Tunjukkan Jati Dirimu.


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